Team Hexagon




University of Ibadan

Top left photo: Abdulmojeed Ibrahim (Pharmacy), Bottom left photo: Ibikunle Jamiu Opeyemi (Medicine and Surgery), Top right photo: ALIMI MUBARAK GBOLAGADE (Medicine and Surgery), On the right in the middle: Oladosu Idris Adekunle (Medicine and Surgery), Lady in the bottom right photo: Olajuwon Opeyemi Folashayo (Law).

Why we chose Team Hexagon

After a few classes in the program, we realized collaboration between everyone from diverse professional backgrounds and walks of life is needed so we came up with the name Hexagon which means a shape with 6 sides and angles. Unlike the common plane shapes, with 3 – 4 shapes, it has an additional two which signifies the need for additional collaborators in this fight against AMR. Hexagon to us means a collaborative effort by everyone to combat AMR.


Ibrahim was the first to hear about the program from his friends in his department, pharmacy. Then he told me (Idris) about it because we are friends and we often talk about the SDGs especially the third one, good health, and well-being. We contacted Jamiu, a full-stack developer, and Mubarak a social media influencer both in my department, of medicine. We already know Jamiu for his passion to provide healthcare solutions using tech and Mubarak for his strong social network. We didn’t search far before we heard of Opeyemi’s contribution and activeness concerning healthcare despite being a law student and that was how we all came together. We expect quite a number of things, one is to learn about AMR which we already are

learning, and we can only develop a feasible solution to a problem we fully understand. The others include forging networks with other young African leaders and support for the interventions we come up with. We hope to leverage the power of tech, art, and social media in mitigating AMR. We would like to develop a web app that uses AI to provide an AMR guideline to assist health workers in their prescription of antimicrobials. And another that would automatically set a timer for the times a patient is to use his/her antimicrobial drugs by just imputing the registration number on the pack. While creating content centered on AMR and the use of the above solution on various social media platforms.


Tí Olè báwá jà ní àdúgbò kan léraléra, tí wọ́n kó dúkìá lo ní gbogbo ìgbà. Tó bá yá  yóò sún àwọn ará àdúgbò wọ̀nyí kan ògiri, won yìí ojú padà sí àwon olè yìí láti dá àbò bo ara àti dúkìá won. Bẹ́ẹ̀ nàá ni àwọn kòkòrò ara ṣe jé, tí a bá lo òògùn títí láti pa wọ́n, tí a ń lòó jù àti ní ọ̀pọ̀ ìgbà, tó bá yá òògùn yìí kò ní ṣiṣẹ́ fún àwọn kòkòrò yìí mọ́. Nítorí nàa kí á máa lo òògùn ní ìlòkulò àyàfi òògùn tí oníṣègùn bá ko fún wa, kí á dè lòó bí oníṣègùn ṣe sọ pé kí á lórí.