AntiMicroRex bobcats 5x


Kwame Nkrumah University Of Science And Technology



From left to right:

  1. Somuah Kwaku Daniel ( Medical Laboratory Technology)
  2. Afari-Gyan Festus Nana ( Medical Laboratory Technology)
  3. Atobrah-Apraku Aaron Gyamfi ( Computer Science)
  4. Gyening Augustine Kwadjo ( Computer Engineering)
  5. Quartey Dan-Ken ( Medical Laboratory Technology)

Why we chose AntiMicroRex bobcats 5x

What made us to choose this name is that though we are 5, we are bobcats and our impact is more than a group of 500, we are solitary and territorial and will make sure Antimicrobial Resistance is put to check. 


Two of us knew each other at the Senior High School period and for the others, we met at the university. Though some of us are from different professions but knowing our capabilities, we know that these professions will be of great help to our research program. Two of us who are health students found out about this program on antimicrobial resistance and looking at the requirement for application, we got on board our other friends. We expect the program to be very educative and impactful in developing our research skills. We look forward to also gaining quality skills in solving

problems in other to bring comfort to our societies and even the world at large as we advance forward. We look forward to also meeting new people and socializing to build friendly relationship with other students from the different universities/countries. Having IT inclined members as part of the team, we are going to creat videos and games to continuously serve as a form of education for everyone. Public education would also be used on daily basis. We are also musically inclined and so we will compose a simple song to educate the people.


Sɛ yɛ ka AMR a, yɛ kasa afa sɛ na mmoawa a wɔdi yareɛ ba tumi gyina enuro a nka ɛwɔsɛ etumi wɔn no ano. AMR nkyerɛasi ne sɛnea enuro yi ɛnnyɛ mmoawa yi hwee esan mmoawa yi ahoɔden a wɔnya atea enuro no.

Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) is a situation whereby the drugs used for treatment of a particular microbial infection/condition is no longer effective. This is when the organism grows resistant and is no more sensitive to the drug or medicinal cream used. This usually results to the disease or infection coming back after a very short time of relief, and when it does so, it is difficult to treat with the same drug.

From left to right…

  1. Gyening Augustine Kwadjo ( Computer Engineering)
  2. Quartey Dan-Ken ( Medical Laboratory Technology)