Benefits of Enrolling for the Program

While going through the website, we are sure that you have already identified some potential areas of your personal and professional growth, gaining memorable experiences,  as well as participating in the altruistic initiative of solving a  major world challenge.

The beauty of the program is that it is a platform for catalytic growth and engagement. The program has so many benefits, some of which we the organizers do not have ideas about too. Some of the benefits can also arise at a personal level too; say you meet a fellow colleague, become friends, and begin an endless series of collaborations and engagement. You never know, you may even find your life partner in the program!😂. As a young person, be open and invest good time to engage in activities that can help you grow, and create memorable experiences!

All the same, we have listed some of the key items/aspects that we will intentionally strive to ensure that you benefit from:

Benefits of Enrolling for the Program

To begin with, this is an opportunity to actively contribute to a pressing world problem. AMR is listed as one of the 10 global threats against humanity. You will also get an opportunity to engage with your local community. What better way to engage in altruistic efforts at this young age!

The program will provide you with an opportunity to learn from, and interact with like-minded students from different course backgrounds hailing from different countries in Africa. You will get to know each other, and build friendships through fun and social interactive sessions. Our goal is to have each one of you engage in the program with a smile (happy emoji) and to always long for the next session!

You will have the opportunity of receiving support and being mentored by expert professionals from different fields. And there is more, if you form a good relationship they will be very open to supporting you and mentoring you even after the program.

By participating actively and consistently in the targeted and well-informed activities in the program., you will definitely learn more about Antimicrobial Resistance, Global health, leadership, and project management among so many others.

You will have the opportunity of working as a team with other members whom you will meet in the program. Each one of you brings on board their professional expertise and you will engage collaboratively to come up with a creative intervention to mitigate AMR in whatever field!. On our end, we will try as much as possible to ensure you have the required support in the process, and that hopefully you can even go ahead to implement the project.

Together with the group that you applied for in the program, you will be awarded a funding of 750 Euros (inclusive of transaction costs) at a group level to ideate and implement a creative, catalytic, and sustainable local project of AMR. You will have the support of a local mentor and on our end, we will connect you with another advisor to ensure you implement the project in the best way possible

And finally, it gets even better! (here we can have a celebratory image), the best group and the first runners’ up group in terms of active engagement throughout the program and effective implementation of the local project will be awarded a country equivalent of 700 euros and 500 euros respectively (both inclusive of transaction costs).

The good news is that the program will have another phase hopefully! We will have an alumni network to ensure that we maintain close networks and we continue engaging even after the program!

Are you a student ? What possibly could you be waiting for? Organise yourself in a group and kick off your journey of being an AMR Champion by enrolling for the program!