The application for the program is quite unique to ensure feasibility of the different activities that participants will engage in. We highly encourage that you go through the guidelines and understand clearly how to apply for the program. In case you need any clarifications, please feel very free to reach out to us. 

Important Update 
We listen, and are very open to discussions and suggestions on how we can engage. Due to the high
interest and high number of requests to apply for the program at an individual capacity, we have open
up the option of applying for the program at an individual capacity.
Additionally, at the group and individual level, we encourage you to have a recommendation letter from
a lecturer in your university but is it not mandatory at this first stage of application.

Guidelines for Applying to the Program

Step 1

The program is free and open to all students in universities and colleges based in Africa. All applicants should be students at a tertiary level institution (university or college) at the time of applying for the program.

Step 2

The application for the program is to be done at a group level.

Step 3

The group should have 5 members.

Step 4

Each group should have a designated group leader who will collate and submit the required details on behalf of the team members

Step 5

The group will be required to have a local mentor (lecturer or expert professional) who  can support in the implementation of the local project. The mentor should also write a recommendation letter for the group and therein express their willingness to support the group.

Step 6
"3 members of the group should be from health affiliated courses, and 2 members of the group should be from the non-health-affiliated courses
In this case, the term "health- affiliated courses" is used to refer to the following courses: Medicine & Surgery, Pharmacy, Nursing, Microbiology and Laboratory Sciences. 
There may be other health courses not listed above (ie.veterinary courses) but all other courses will be considered "non-health affiliated' in the context of the application to encourage multidisciplinary engagement."
Step 7

We highly encourage members of a group to be from the same tertiary institutions (Universities, colleges, technical training institutes, vocational schools).. However, if from different institutions, the group members should be from institutions close enough to each other to facilitate collaborative implementation of a physical local project by all group members. Additionally, each member should have access to the focal institution where the local mentor hails from

Step 8

As part of the application process, the members will be required to submit their student identification cards to confirm they are students of a particular institution.

Step 9

All applications should be submitted using the template shared in the application link.