Higher institute of Health Sciences -universite des montagnes

Mechoiteu Jijou Berny (Medicine), Ngamo Tuegem Mylene Alexandra (Veterinary Medicine), Tagne Koyouo Herman (Biomrdical Scientists, Eyid’a Sekoumou Arthur Pierre (Topography And Geimeteric), Saliou Ben Ahmed Meka Ondo Jean Marc Biomedical Engineerig

Why we chose Firewall?

By definition, a firewall is protection against viruses and/or malware. In our context, we are on the front line in the fight against antimicrobial resistance and it is our responsibility to prevent the spread of this scourge.
Determination: determination because despite this program being intense we’ve set our goal to participate till the end of it and together find a solution against this plague.
Progress: AMR is an issue that has caused commotion for quite some time already. Several research bodies have made advances towards and given us reliable data on how to understand the concept of AMRs; today it is our turn to add our knowledge to that of our predecessors and possibly find a solution to our problem
Commitment: The program and research related to our case study is pretty demanding, but we are ready to withstand it and give our all till the very end.


It started when I received the message about the program in our university’s SOHIC WhatsApp group.   When I read the description of the activity, I was very interested and then I approached a member of my group from the Global Case Competition to suggest that we form our group.  From there, I sent the link of the program to a friend and one of my neighbour.  They read and were interested in the program then my neighbour sent me the contact of his friend who was also very interested in the program then we applied.
We as a group, we expect from this program the following;

  • To be able to assimilate all the courses on AMR in order to transmit it to order people.
  • To be able to explain the concept of AMR to people with little or no education.
  • To implement our project that will reduce AMR in our communities.
  • To network with order participants so that we will be able to collaborate in other projects.
  • To be able to apply preventive methods against AMR in our environment.

Nowadays, awareness is a good way to fight against this kind of problem.
But Antimicrobial resistance cannot be fought with just awareness, we have come to an era where computer is advanced enough to be able to fight against AMR.  We can create databases of the various microorganisms that has undergone mutation and their development, make them available to health establishments and ensure the various updates. In addition, we can also warn people of the dangers that some of their habits can have in the resistance of microbes by working with telephone companies through awareness messages. We can also in a very extreme case test certain microorganisms to develop new drugs that will be up to the resistance of the microorganism.


Antimicrobial resistance is when a germ is no more killed by the drugs
“A go à jù St fró go ie sey ysūí ygs” in “Yemba” a native language in the west region of Cameroon