Makerere University

Nabisere Vivian (Medicine and Surgery), Magwali Claire Venencia (Medicine and Surgery), Tusiimukye Daniel (Bachelor of Mechanical engineering), ILOBUN FAITHFUL (Medicine and Surgery), Ayebare Narinda Mercy (Bachelor of Business Administration).

Why we chose CAFA Young Ambassadors?

AMR is a silent pandemic that is expected to cause deaths of up to 10 million people per year by 2050 if not acted upon.  In order to flip this script, we aspire to be combatants against AMR, starting with our nation, jointly through our different fields of study so as to mitigate and prevent this pandemic in order to prevent these projected deaths.


We met through our group leader, Vivian. She was the common friend to each one of us. When this opportunity of being AMR ambassadors came up, she shared it with us and proposed to each one us to join the team, which we happily did. Then we created a WhatsApp group, met and got on with the application. We hope to make a difference in our community with the knowledge acquired through sensitization thus empowering them in this fight against AMR. We also look forward to sharpening our team work, leadership and communication skills, and to network with people with alike minds from different countries. In this age where many young people are active on social media platforms, We want to launch a social media campaign against AMR  targeting the youth, where we help citizens get an understanding of AMR in simple terms and where we share the best practices on AMR prevention such as proper sanitation and following doctor’s prescription accurately  etc. In our WhatsApp groups, statuses and twitter and telegram.


AMR nebaho obu omubazi ogubakozire kwita obukoko oburi kuturiza endwara gukulemwa kwita obwe obokoko. Nahabwekyo okujanjaba ekyirikureta ezo ndwara kuguma.


AMR kwe kuziyiza kw’obuwuka okubawo bwokozesa eddagala elita obuwuka mungeri etalagidwa omusawo. Omubili gwo gulekera awo oku wona oba okuwulila wodamu okukozesa endala lyelimu.kino kyiva ku buno obuwuka obubeera mu mubiri gwo okumayira lino eddagala nebutandika okulirwanyisa nekivamu gwe obutawona bwokozesa lino  eddagala. Bino byonna osobola okubyewala bwokozesa edagala mugeri elagiddwa omukuggu nobutejanjaba.