The Flemings


Federal University of Technology Minna, Niger state,



Johnny Samuel (Math), Alao Victor (Biochemistry, Odelade Damilola (microbiology), Olagbile Samson( chemical engineer), Omopariola Phebe (microbiology)

Why we chose The Flemings

Penicillin is the first antibiotic discovered by a bacteriologist Alexander Fleming in the year 1928 at ST. Mary Hospital London. This gave us the inspiration to be his student thereby improving on what he started. 


We been all students of Federal University of Technology Minna in Nigeria, had different stories behind our getting to meet each other, which some of us met at previous lectures, at religious meetings in the school and also through the application process for this Program. The team leader, having seen and read the invitation for application, forwarded it to his school mates of which all members here signified interest to get this knowledge and be able to affect the society. This motivated us to look for a mentor who has knowledge on AMR and is willing to collaborate to fight against this superbug. As a group from this program, we sincerely expect wide exposure to the world of AMR and how we can significantly contribute to its mitigation particularly in our local community and country. We also expect adequate mentoring on action plan and their execution

towards curbing AMR. We also seek for partnership so as to boldly work with government and agencies and finally we hope to get funding when needed to drive back this devastating menace affecting us and many innocent humans. We do have ideas and talents we would want to implement to mitigate AMR.As undergraduate students, we would work on creating a club on campus as a means of raising more student members which will be educated on AMR. Having skills of public speaking will anchor weekly sessions on radio and television station which will be both in English and our Local Languages geared towards educating the populace. Also, we hope to use our Creative Ability to collaborate with friends who will design Fliers, and posters that will show pictorial view of how to prevent and fight against this superbug.



AMR shine gajartawar juriyar ƙwayoyin cuta. Maganin rigakafin ƙwayoyin cuta, kamar yadda aka saba ba da rahoto a cikin al’ummominmu a Najeriya, ana iya bayyana shi a matsayin yanayin da ƙananan ƙwayoyin cuta (mafi yawan ƙwayoyin cuta) ke haɓaka juriya ga sanannun magani da hanyoyin gudanarwa a cikin mutane da kuma cikin dabbobi. Yana da babbar barazana ga lafiyar al’umma saboda ya shafi rayuwar mutane da dabbobi gaba ɗaya saboda yana haifar da rigakafin mako-mako don rigakafi ko yaƙar cututtuka. Yawancin shari’o’in AMR a cikin al’ummomin yankinmu an ba da rahoton zuwa ga Magungunan Kai, rashin ingantaccen gwajin gwaje-gwaje da ganewar asali kafin magani, ƙarancin magunguna da rashin tsabta.