Makerere University

Nantongo Jennifer (Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Health Science), Segawa Micheal Collins (Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Health Science), Karuna Asani (Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Health Science)

Why we chose Helidor

Heliodor is the most cheerful variety of beryl. Interestingly, as an allochromatic gem, pure beryl is colorless, with traces of different elements responsible for beryl’s wide range of colors. Heliodor is named from ancient Greek words meaning “gift from the sun,” as it was once believed that heliodor harnessed the power and warmth of the sun and was responsible for the change between day and night. We picked this name because of the diversity of our team, which comprises of three people which with a unique beautiful character and gift just the Heliodor gem which has various colors. We also picked the name because we believe that through team work, we shall have the power to harness the wrong use antimicrobials and enlighten our community more about the correct use of antimicrobials.

 Team slogan: Fighting Super bugs


We meet early this year in June, during the presidential campaigns, Micheal was campaigning to become the college president at our college, college of health sciences Makerere University. We had a small discussion and joined his team. From that day we continued communicating and realized that we could easily work together. So, when the opportunity presented its self, we decided to apply together.

Our expectations from the program as a group including networking and meeting new people from all over Africa, which is well ensured by the program. We also expect to learn more about AMR, broaden our knowledge base and understanding of the subject matters concerning AMR. We also expect to be received certificates of merit from the program to add to our CVs and finally be able to implement community project that will raise AMR awareness in our community.

As a team we believe in creating awareness as the fight and one of the most important steps in mitigating AMR because trying to mitigate AMR without first sensitizing the community is like bring a knife to a gun fight. Our idea lies in creating educative content like short animations, posters and info graphics about AMR that will help in sensitizing the people about AMR. And how to mitigate it.


AMR is the development by a disease-causing organism, through mutation or gene transfer, of the ability to survive exposure to an antimicrobial agent e.g., antibiotics, that was previously an effective treatment.


AMR kwe nkulaakulana y’ekiramu ekireeta endwadde, okuyita mu nkyukakyuka oba okukyusa obuzaale, obusobozi bw’okuwangaala nga kikwatibwa ekirungo ekitta obuwuka e.g., eddagala eritta obuwuka, edda eryali obujjanjabi obulungi.


એએમઆર એ રોગ પેદા કરતા જીવતંત્ર દ્વારા, પરિવર્તન અથવા જનીન ટ્રાન્સફર દ્વારા, એન્ટિમાઇક્રોબાયલ એજન્ટના સંપર્કમાં ટકી રહેવાની ક્ષમતાનો વિકાસ છે, ઉદાહરણ તરીકે, એન્ટિબાયોટિક્સ, જે અગાઉ અસરકારક સારવાર હતી.


AMR kwe kuziyiza kw’obuwuka okubawo bwokozesa eddagala elita obuwuka mungeri etalagidwa omusawo. Omubili gwo gulekera awo oku wona oba okuwulila wodamu okukozesa endala lyelimu.kino kyiva ku buno obuwuka obubeera mu mubiri gwo okumayira lino eddagala nebutandika okulirwanyisa nekivamu gwe obutawona bwokozesa lino  eddagala. Bino byonna osobola okubyewala bwokozesa edagala mugeri elagiddwa omukuggu nobutejanjaba.