Sokione university of Agriculture

Why we chose Youth Against AMR

We were inspired knowing that we are from the same age group we share the same passion and energy to fight AMR. Youth are currently the driving force of change within communities and world at large we would also like to inspire others.



Despite our background differences, AMR situation united us, individually some had questions others had dreams all regarding AMR. Through “sharing is caring” and “tell a friend to tell a friend” we finally came to meet. Through this we shared all our questions, dreams and ideas regarding AMR. Thankfully, SAS Africa appeared and gave us a ride towards the better future against AMR. We kindly welcome you SAS Africa as our new member to our family. Well, as a group we expect that the benefits of the programme will be observed within our university and local community level at large, this is through equipping us with the knowledge, skills and guidance regarding AMR. Also we expect to develop various skills such as communication skills, leadership skills, problem solving skills and fostering our creativity all of these that are rarely taught in classes. We are looking forward to positive

interactions and exposure from our fellow AMR Ambassadors across Africa and World at large. Due to easy and uncontrolled access to veterinary drugs in Tanzania, this has posed a challenge of Antimicrobial resistance due to misuse of the veterinary drugs by adversaries and other unprofessional personnel. National wise may know the quantity and quality of veterinary drugs produced or imported but how sure are we that these drugs are used by veterinary professionals or paraprofessionals? And how are they used afterwards? As a group we first aim to collect valuable data on the access and use veterinary drugs within our communities and then to provide education through seminars, workshops and campaigns regarding AMR.


Usugu wa vimelea vya magonjwa katika dawa ni hatari.