Superbugs Stewards




Meru University of Science and Technology

Nick Omollo Obiero (Nursing), Whitney Musanga (Commerce (Accounting)), Nancy Maina (Education), Lucy Isabella Awuor (Medical Laboratory), John Muigai Gitau (Health Records and Information Sciences)

Why we chose CAFA Young Ambassadors?

This is because we want to be the new stewards in the promotion the fight against antimicrobial resistance during medication


Since we are in the same institution, we have been working together in different programs and projects for some time now, and  due to that bonding together and better cooperation we decided to collaborate with each other and join the program. The reason we applied for the program is that we wanted to be part of a global team that will help to fight the war on antimicrobial resistance to reduce the increasing deaths. Our expectation is to learn the causes of the antimicrobial resistance, ways of reducing the spread of anti-microbial and in addition, it will help us to 


interact with students from other universities and one day to become the pioneers towards creating awareness of ways on reducing antimicrobial resistance and come up with projects based on the same. Initially before the program started, we were working on a project on antimicrobial resistance which we have critically developed the proposal and waiting the approval by the ethical committee. Which upon approval we will be in a position to share with the entire group in the Student Against Superbug Africa.

Kiswahili Language

Vidudu vinavyo  sababisha ugongwa huwa sugu sana iwapo mtu atapewa dawa ili kuzizuia. vidudu hivyo huweza kumfanya mtu kuishiwa na nguvu na hatimaye kulemewa na mwili na kufariki. Ndiposa sisi kama wanafunzi tunaungana ili kuweza kupigana na vidudu hivi vinavyo kosa kutibika vinapo pewa dawa.

Kikuyu Language

Tutu ni tugunyu turia wona mundu aruara na aheo dawa ciayo daumanaga na kuhona. Mudu atoragio ni mwiri na mwishowe agakua.