Theme 6: Understanding Antimicrobial Resistance From a Social Science Perspective

The Contribution of Anthropology to Antimicrobial Resistance Mitigation: Part 2

By Dr. Clare Chandler

In part 2, we look at some research methods that should be considered when carrying out an anthropological research in regards to AMR, the different drivers of antibiotic overuse, and the importance of multidisciplinary approach in AMR.

  • Shift in policy towards reducing antibiotics (1:08)
  • Drivers of antibiotic overuse (3:41)
  • Research methods towards an anthropology look at AMR spread (9:47)
  • Ethnographic case studies (12:12)
  • Antibiotics as infrastructure (19:29)
  • Addressing antibiotic use (21:24)
  • Multidisciplinary intersections in AMR (21:55)