Theme 7: Revisiting One Health Approach to Antimicrobial Resistance

Mitigating The Spread of Antimicrobial Resistance in The Environment

By Dr. Afreenish Amir

In this session, Dr. Afreenish Amir reechoes the importance of an environmental sector in combating AMR highlighting different areas in which environment contributes to spread of AMR as well as some of the ongoing interventions to preventing the spread of AMR from an environmental approach.

  • Introduction to Antimicrobial Resistance (5:15)
  • The impacts of the environment on AMR (6:49)
  • Importance of incorporating the environmental sector in mitigating AMR (9:48)
  • Effect of waste and water treatment plants are involved on AMR (14:55)
  • Effects of land spreading of manure and biosoilds on AMR (18:28)
  • Effects of air transmission on AMR (20:50)
  • Effects of aquaculture and shellfish bed on AMR (21:54)
  • Importance of good disposal of pharmaceuticals in combating spread of AMR (23:07)
  • Interventions currently being used to tackle AMR from an environmental perspective (26:43)