Theme 4: Effective Communication About Antimicrobial Resistance

AMR Communication, best practices and examples from the Uppsala Antibiotic Center

By Dr. Eva Garmendia

In this session Dr. Garmendia takes us through different aspects of AMR communication starting with why it is important to communicate AMR, tips, strategies and ways to communicate about AMR. We then focus on the (Re) framing resistance report done by Welcome and how we can use the key highlights of this report in our own efforts to communicate AMR.

  • Importance of communicating AMR (11:12)
  • Basic tips on AMR communication (17:20)
  • Strategic communication of AMR (18:42)
  • Target audiences (20:24)
  • Ways to communicate about AMR (24:19)
  • (Re) framing resistance report done by Welcome (31:55)
  • Work being done at Uppsala Antibiotic center (42:58)