Theme 1: Introduction to Antimicrobial Resistance, and The Biology Behind It

AMR as a natural Phenomenon and the science behind resistance

Dr. Oluwatosin Akinwotu

Discovery of antibiotics (0:00)

Types of antimicrobials (1:55)

Introduction to antibiotic resistance (7:20)

The development and spread of resistance (12:40)

Facts about antibiotics (25:03)

Action of antibiotics against bacteria (30:13)

Mechanisms of antibiotic resistance (32:17)

Use and inappropriate use of antibiotics (36:28)

How we can reduce the spread of resistant bacteria (39:12)

Q&A (43:00)

This is a session in a series of webinars under the Antimicrobial Resistance Ambassadors Program, a joint under Students Against Superbugs Africa and PAR Foundation, a joint under Students Aganst Superbugs Africa and PAR Foundation. The second of three under the subtheme Introduction to AMR and the biology behind it. This session is aimed at introducing the antimicrobials as important medicine and concept of resistance of microbes to antimicrobials, how the microbes become resistant and how our actions contributed to the resistance.