Theme 3: Understanding Antimicrobial Resistance from A Health Systems & Holistic Approach

AMR as a complex issue in the age of modern advancement, and burgeoning global population

By Dr. Shruthi Thomas

In this session, Dr. Shruthi takes us through the complex interlinkages between AMR and the developments in our modern day and age, starting by highlighting the impact AMR has on the sustainable development goals and then by showing some of the ways AMR affects the world as well as by discussing the ways the modern advancements promote the spread of AMR.

  • Understanding AMR (3:19)
  • Introduction to antimicrobials (4:01)
  • Introduction to Antimicrobial resistance (5:47)
  • Development of antimicrobial resistance (6:38)
  • Importance of understanding AMR (7:42)
  • AMR impact on sustainable development goals (10:54)
  • Global impact of AMR (19:47)
  • Why AMR is a complex issues to solve and possible solutions (22:43)