Theme 6: Understanding Antimicrobial Resistance From a Social Science Perspective

The Socio-Economic Implications of Antimicrobial Resistance in Low Resource Settings

By Dr. Francesca Chiara

In this session we look at the impacts of AMR on different communities, we also look at different factors and situations in low resource settings that ultimately worsen the impact of AMR on those communities and populations. Once again being urged to take action against the spread of AMR.

  • Antibiotics the magic bullet (0:47)
  • Misuse of Antibiotics (8:27)
  • Impacts of AMR (10:19)
  • AMR Global Action Plan (14:30)
  • AMR National Action Plan (16:18)
  • Social determinants of health (19:56)
  • Resilient health systems (23:07)
  • Effects of water and sanitation on spread of infection (26:43)
  • Environment (water and soil) and spread of AMR (30:35)
  • Neonatal sepsis and access to essential medicine (35:05)
  • Antibiotic access (38:47)
  • Role of gender and AMR (42:52)