Theme 8: Antimicrobial Resistance From a Governance Approach

The Significance of Scientific Evidence In Policy Development, and Translation

By Dr. Ghada Zoubiane

In this session we are introduced to the importance of evidence based approach in combating AMR particularly how evidence can and should be phrased to influence policy and practices in regards to the spread of AMR. We take a deeper dive into ICARS’ past and ongoing projects aimed at combating AMR at different levels around the world.

  • Areas of major focusing in advancing AMR National Action plans (2:26)
  • The AMR Global Action plan strategy (3:12)
  • AMR National Action Plan (4:08)
  • Monitoring progress of AMR National Action Plan (6:43)
  • Global AMR burden (8:21)
  • How evidence influences policy and practice (10:19)
  • How to inform policy (12:37)
  • How ICARS is combating the spread of AMR (16:23)
  • Bottlenecks in implementing possible solutions to the spread of AMR (18:25)
  • ICARS approach to combating the spread of AMR at national level (6 pillars) (19:43)
  • Case examples of strategic projects implemented at national and level with national organizations in partnership with ICARS (22:48)
  • ICARS’ projects in Africa (36:23)