Theme 3: Understanding Antimicrobial Resistance from A Health Systems & Holistic Approach

The broken pipeline of antibiotics and ongoing efforts to fix it

By Dr. Erin Duffy

In this session, Dr. Duffy takes us through the drug discovery process emphasizing the difference of the drug discovery process of antibiotics and other drugs. We dive deeper into the golden era of antibiotics and events surrounding the call for new F.D.A guidelines in antibiotic drug discovery process in the early 2000s.

  • Importance of antibiotics in life0saving medicine (0:11)
  • Drug discovery process (1:35)
  • Difference between antibiotic drug discovery process and the drug discovery process of other drugs (5:16)
  • Golden era of antibiotics (6:33)
  • Need for new guidelines in antibiotic trials (14:00)
  • CARB-X ongoing role in rebuilding the pipeline for antibiotic discovery process (22:50)
  • Efforts to maintain Antibiotics and prevent spread of Antibiotic resistance (41:32)