Theme 9: Key Areas in Antimicrobial Resistance That Require More Action

Successful Case studies in grassroots AMR engagement; the story of RBA initiative

By Pharm. Michael Mosha

In this session Michael Mosha shares with us some of the projects Roll Back Antimicrobial Resistance have been working on in schools and communities in Tanzania. He also shares with us the many opportunities for addressing AMR in our different communities and urges us to take action in any way we can.

  • More on Roll back Antimicrobial Resistance (2:41)
  • The methodology behind Roll back Antimicrobial Resistance (9:47)
  • Results of some of Roll back Antimicrobial Resistance project (14:26)
  • Engaging the community on AMR (15:55)
  • Opportunities for addressing AMR (20:35)