Theme 8: Antimicrobial Resistance From a Governance Approach

Legal Frameworks, and Policy Making; An AMR Perspective

By Sneha Bhonsle

In this session we are introduced to policy making, policy implementation, resource and stakeholder engagement and our role as students in policy making. We are given a deeper and better understanding of some important aspects to consider before we consider engaging policy makers.

  • AMR as a global concern (4:53)
  • Effective governance for tackling AMR (7:38)
  • Stakeholder engagement (14:04)
  • Developing a good economic case to engage with policymakers (20:53)
  • Policy making process (31:04)
  • Implementation policy (48:07)
  • Resources and stakeholder engagement (55:00)
  • Role of students in policymaking (1:00:09)