Theme 1: Introduction to Antimicrobial Resistance, and The Biology Behind It

Introducing Infectious diseases & Antimicrobial Resistance Overview

By Yara Khalaf

In this session Yara Khalaf breaks down the chain of infection in an effort to highlight different points in this chain that we can target to stop the spread of infections caused by both resistant and nonresistant microbes. She starts by categorizing diseases and giving a brief overview of the disease process from an epidemiological position.

  • Introduction to epidemiology (4:00)
  • Descriptive and analytic epidemiology (5:12)
  • Epidemiologic triad (5:24)
  • Communicable diseases and non-communicable diseases (6:41)
  • Introduction to term the “infection” (8:03)
  • Difference between infectious diseases and communicable diseases (9:50)
  • Chain of infection (10:51)
  • Mode of transmission (13:18)
  • Antimicrobial resistance (24:39)
  • Antimicrobial resistance transmission (28:29)
  • AMR as a global problem (30:59)
  • Relation between antimicrobial utilization and antimicrobial consumption (43:00)
  • The solution to Antimicrobial Resistance crisis (44:22)