Theme 9: Key Areas in Antimicrobial Resistance That Require More Action

Antimicrobial Resistance in Conflict setting

By Dr. Rupa Kanapathipillai

In this session Dr. Rupa emphasizes the need for a long term, global coordinated strategy in fighting AMR. She shares with us different strategies used currently being used by MSF (Doctors without borders) to combat the spread of AMR in conflict setting, she highlights some innovations still reiterates the importance of having a coordinated strategy against the spread of AMR.

  • The global problem of AMR (5:04)
  • The global AMR Action plan strategy (7:57)
  • Progress on the National Action plan (9:00)
  • Doctors without borders (MSF) work against AMR (10:27)
  • Drivers of AMR (12:35)
  • Drivers of AMR in conflicting zones (21:22)
  • Possible solution of AMR in conflicting zones (25:09)
  • Doctors without borders (MSF) strategy to combatting AMR (26:40)
  • Doctors without borders (MSF) AMR stewardship program (28:23)
  • Innovations in microbiology that can help combat the spread of AMR (33:23)
  • Mini lab innovation in combatting the spread of AMR (36:19)
  • Stepwise IPC improvement approach (36:59)
  • AMR activities in Doctors without borders (MSF) (39:04)