Theme 2: Understanding Antimicrobial Resistance from A One Health Approach

Antimicrobial Resistance from an Agricultural and food value Chain viewpoint

By Dr. Arshnee Moodley

In this session we take a closer look at the different aspects of Antimicrobial Resistance in regards to agriculture particularly focusing on the role of agriculture in spread of AMR, differences in the quantity of antibiotics used in animals and in humans, different aspects about antibiotic importation and use as well as AMR spread in livestock in Africa. Dr. Moodley highlights many gaps in data on different aspects in regards to AMR from an agricultural point of view in low and middle income countries.

  • Importance of antibiotics (15:47)
  • Mechanisms of antibiotic resistance (17:41)
  • Role of agriculture in spread and selection of Antimicrobial resistance (21:18)
  • Use of antibiotics in animals versus use of antibiotics in humans (24:59)
  • Aspects to consider when addressing Antimicrobial resistance in Low and middle income countries (29:00)
  • Policy to control AMR (32:59)
  • AMR in livestock in different parts of Africa (38:01)
  • Antibiotic use in Africa (40:46)
  • Important gaps in low- and middle-income countries in regards to AMR (42:02)