Theme 1: Introduction to Antimicrobial Resistance, and The Biology Behind It

Antimicrobial Resistance from A Food Safety Perspective

By Dr. Jorge Pinto Ferreira

In this session we dive deeper into AMR and its relation to food and food safety, we look at difference between antimicrobial resistance and antimicrobial residues, farming practices that in one way or another promote the spread and development of AMR. We get a better understanding of the interconnection between humans, food and environment and how these connections promote the spread of AMR.

  • Disciplines that relate to AMR (5:02)
  • AMR and Public health, food safety and obesity (12:53)
  • AMR and the SDGs (15:28)
  • Effect of heavy metal use in farming on AMR (18:35)
  • Effect of hand sanitizer use on AMR (20:07)
  • Difference between Antimicrobial residues and Antimicrobial Resistance (21:02)
  • AMR foodborne infections (26:23)
  • Interaction between food, humans and the environment (28:37)
  • Environment and AMR (29:08)
  • Use of antimicrobials as a driver of AMR (34:54)
  • The ACT project (37:14)