Theme 6: Understanding Antimicrobial Resistance From a Social Science Perspective

An Overview of The Sociocultural, Economic, and Political Dynamics in The Consumption of Antibiotics

By Mr. Alex Gateri

In this session we dive deeper into the sociocultural, economic and political dynamics influencing antimicrobial use, Mr. Gateri starts off by talking about the different aspects affecting antibiotic production, markets, distribution, access and sums the presentation up by discussing factors affecting consumption/use of antimicrobials.

  • Introduction to antibiotics (8:24)
  • AMR as a threat (11:34)
  • Antibiotic use and antibiotic resistance (14:55)
  • Antibiotic production, importation, circulation and consumption (18:44)
  • Production and markets of antibiotics (21:09)
  • Distribution and access to antibiotics (24:38)
  • Consumption of antibiotics (31:03)
  • Understanding Antimicrobial use (37:00)