Theme 5: AMR Surveillance, and AMR from a Food Safety Perspective

An overview of antimicrobial resistance surveillance and the global burden of Antimicrobial Resistance study

By Dr. Catrin Moore

In this session Dr. Moore takes us through the GRAM project the methods used to measure antibiotic resistance and the results of the GRAM project including the burden of mortality and morbidity due to AMR, aspects surrounding antibiotic use. We take a deeper look in the AWaRe Antibiotic handbook and how it can be used, and an introduction to the ADILA project.

  • Introduction to AMR (4:13)
  • Tackling Antimicrobial resistance (6:39)
  • Measuring Antibiotic resistance (14:09)
  • The GRAM Project results (17:35)
  • AWaRe Antibiotic handbook (32:02)
  • The ADILA project (35:20)