Meet Our Speakers And Mentors

Nichola Jones

During my undergraduate studies, based in a contemporary performing arts degree, I became increasingly interested in the use of arts in other fields. When I returned to studying, after multiple years working in health and social care in the UK, I already had an interest in engaging often underrepresented communities. Working closely with people who are often subject to policy change without consultation, I was particularly interested in the ways in which health research shapes the lived experiences of underrepresented/under researched communities.

My current research focuses on the ways in which participatory video can support public health promotion. My PhD forms part of a wider project exploring the use of participatory video as way of understanding antimicrobial misuse in Nepal. As part of my thesis, I wanted to take an example of community-based research and explore the gendered elements within it. My aim is to better understand how health seeking behaviors and relationships to antibiotic use are shaped by gender.