Meet Our Speakers And Mentors

Dr. Shruthi Anna Thomas

Shruthi Anna Thomas is a Consultant for ReAct Asia Pacific and is based in the state of Kerala, India. She is a dental surgeon by training and is passionate about making practical and ethical contributions in the Public Health sector. She has previously worked as a clinician, volunteered for NGOs, and worked in the private sector as part of an Indian multinational educational technology company. At ReAct Asia Pacific Dr. Shruthi works to support the Community Advocacy Platform, Antibiotic Smart Community Project, and the facilitation of State Action Plans on Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) in India which complements its National Action Plan (NAP) on AMR. Her research work focuses include Infection Prevention and Control in healthcare settings, Over-the-Counter antibiotic sales, NAP on AMR, and community engagement (as responsible and competent stakeholders) for solutions to public health issues.