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Dr Jessica Mitchell

I am a zoologist by background. However, after so long working on wild animals I inevitably began engaging with the people and communities who live alongside them. I became increasingly involved in local health and educational projects around my field sites, and engaged in conservation, environmental management, and climate action within these communities. I am now particularly interested in the intersections between antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and other global challenges such as the climate crisis, biodiversity loss and zoonoses. My aim is to use community-generated data to better understand these relationships and develop appropriate and locally meaningful solutions.

I am currently based in the Nuffield Centre for International Health and Development where I co-lead the Community Engagement for Antimicrobial resistance (CE4AMR) network and teach across BSc and MSc course on One Health, AMR and Community Engagement.

Staff profile: Dr Jessica Mitchell | School of Medicine | University of Leeds

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